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  • October_27th~ November_5th
  • COMING FOR 2017

    2ndAnnual Tri-County
    Art Guild Competition


    • First Prize
    • Second Prize
    • Third Prize
    • Honorable Mention    


    Rules of Exhibit (subject to changes)


    1. Entries (limit—two per artist) may be paintings, drawings, or sculpture in any media and should be no more than two years old.
    2. Only ORIGINAL work is acceptable. Copies of paintings or drawings will be disqualified.  Computer manipulated photographic art will be accepted.  Traditional photography should be entered in the Alabama National Fair photography exhibition.
    3. Any work that has been previously exhibited in the Alabama National Fair Art Exhibit will be disqualified.  Entries will be exhibited according to space available.
    4. The Judge and the Alabama National Fair reserve the right to refuse entries.
    5. An entry fee for each piece will be charged to Art Guild members of Montgomery, Prattville, and Wetumpka Art Guilds. A higher entry fee for each piece will be charged to non-member artists.  
    6. Contestants must be 18 years of age or older by January 1, 2017.
    7. Artist will have to make entries online at under the competitions link. There are instructions on how to enter your artwork under this link. ONLINE ENTRY will be available at a date closer to the 2017 fair. Rules and regulations may be picked up at the Montgomery Museum of Art, most framing/art supply stores or at art galleries located in Montgomery. 
    8. Specifications:
      *All Two Dimensional Art must be suitable for hanging and measure no larger than 4x4 feet due to limited hanging capabilities.  Two-Dimensional art must be framed.  Screw eyes and wire for hanging must be firmly attached to the back. Matted works should be matted in white, off-white, and black mats only. Small pre-fab attachments and saw tooth hangers are not permitted.
      *Sculpture must have a pedestal stand provided by the artist. Sculpture size limits are 4x4 feet.
    9. Reasonable care will be used at all times in handling entries, but entries will not be insured.  Neither the Montgomery Art Guild nor the management of the Alabama National Fair, the Kiwanis Club of Montgomery, nor the State of Alabama will be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever.
    10. All entries are eligible and will be judged for awards.  A qualified judge will make selections for cash awards before the opening of the Fair.  No prize will be awarded in the absence of a quality entry.
    11. Artwork will be accepted at the Coliseum - dates yet to be determined.  Enter on Federal Drive, park in the North Parking Area take the North side ramp up to the second floor. NO ENTRY WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THE DETERMINED DEADLINE.
    12. IMPORTANT!  NO ACCEPTED WORK MAY BE REMOVED FROM THE EXHIBIT UNTIL AFTER THE CLOSE OF THE FAIR.  There will be a $5.00 per day late charge for any entry not picked up by the determined date and time.
    13. Art Guild's reception will be held on a date yet to be determined.  The reception will be located on the second floor of the Coliseum at the North Entrance.

    CONGRATULATIONS to the following 2016 Art Guild Show Winners!!

    1st Place: Durand Seay

    2nd Place: Brittni Smith

    3rd Place: Eric Boswell

    Honorable Mention: Karvarus Moore; Brittni Smith; Durand Seay; Sherman Boothe


    CONGRATULATIONS to the following 2016 School Art Show Winners!!

    Class 01 Opaque (Acrylic & Oils) 7th - 9th

    1st Place: Virginia Hope

    2nd Place: Selina Chen

    3rd Place: Mary Virginia Huffa

    Honorable Mention: Nadia Choi

    Class 02 Water Color 7th - 9th

    1st Place: Jessica Lee

    2nd Place: Rachel Yoon

    3rd Place: Daniel Kang

    Honorable Mention: Jessica S. Lee

    Class 03 Drawing (Pencil, Charcoal & Ink) 7th - 9th

    1st Place: Nayoon Kang

    2nd Place: Anaya Thomas

    3rd: Lucy Hall

    Honorable Mention: Adela Sheng

    Class 04 Color Drawing (Pastel & Colored Pencil) 7th - 9th

    1st Place: Rachel Kim

    2nd Place: Jordan Hosp

    3rd Place: Elizabeth Spencer

    Honorable Mention: Ashton Arnold

    Class 05 Sculpture in the Round, Relief 7th - 9th

    1st Place: Nayoon Kang

    2nd Place: Mary Frances Harp

    3rd Place: Mary Julian Setzer

    Honorable Mention: Virginia Anderson

    Class 06 Mixed Media 7th - 9th

    1st Place: Emily Beaudry

    2nd Place: Anna Perry

    3rd Place: Rachel Amerson

    Honorable Mention: Gaines Freeman

    Class 07 Print Making (Etching, Wood, Block Printing, Etc.) 7th - 9th

    1st Place: Daniel Park

    2nd Place: Nikolai Alexander

    3rd Place: Rachel Amerson

    Class 08 Opaque (Acrylic & Oils) 10th - 12th

    1st Place: Alexandra Toney

    2nd Place: Kylie Eng

    3rd Place: Rylee Naftel

    Honorable Mention: Emily Wells Kend

    Class 09 Water Color 10th - 12th

    1st Place: Susie Kim

    2nd Place: Alexandria Seirafi

    3rd Place: Jiyoon Moon

    Honorable Mention: Katie Lawrence

    Class 10 Drawing (Pencil, Charcoal & Ink) 10th - 12th

    1st Place: Jennifer Campbell

    2nd Place: Elizabeth Efferson

    3rd Place: Kathleen Wright

    Honorable Mention: Jinwee Kim

    Class 11 Color Drawing (Pastel & Colored Pencil) 10th - 12th

    1st Place: A'Neshia Turner

    2nd Place: Katie Lawrence

    3rd Place: Sam Lee

    Honorable Mention: Bernice Ramon

    Class 12 Sculpture in the Round, Relief 10th - 12th

    1st Place: Aaliyah Jo Sims

    2nd Place: Izabel Cabral

    3rd Place: Alexandra Toney

    Honorable Mention: Jordan Brazell

    Class 13 Mixed Media 10th - 12th

    1st Place: Jordan Brazell

    2nd Place: Ashton Ray

    3rd Place: Minji Kim

    Honorable Mention: Esther Nam

    Class 14 Print Making (Etching, Wood, Block Printing, & Etc) 10th - 12th

    1st Place: Michelle Lee

    2nd Place: Grace Walz

    3rd Place: Myles Beasley

    Honorable Mention: Sam Lee